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Lead Generation Since 2003

The Leads Network is a full spectrum marketing & sales agency which helps you build your online Brand, increase your inbound lead flow and reach prospective buyers to help you grow your business using White Glove techniques.

The Leads Network understands the stress and confusion that comes with getting your team new Business Leads. With our multi-channel leads network, our highly trained team will help you save time, improve efficiency and accelerate growth.


About TLN

Bruce Davidson, CEO


Davidson started The Leads Network while he was an insurance agent having trouble getting good sales leads. After many challenges and setbacks Davidson developed a lead generation and  distribution system that provides full accountability to his business clients across the country by helping companies design, develop and  implement successful sales strategies. For 15 years, we have been helping clients reach their sales targets and grow their business.  These strategies have generated over 2.5 Million leads and well over $100,000,000 in sales revenues to our clients. 



2008 Ranked #514

2008 Honors Top 100 Advertising & Marketing

2009 Ranked #866

2009 Honors Top 100 Advertising & Marketing

2010 Ranked #3483

2010  Honors Top 100 Advertising & Marketing 

2019 Ranked #790

2019 Honors #6 Top LA. Company





Our Industries



Financial Marketing helps companies build trust with prospective customers by defining values, easy digital channels and  engaging thru social media.

Healthcare & Medical


Healthcare and Medical marketing integrates multi-channel, segmented and targeted online and offline solutions that are designed to find and acquire the right value based care patients to form lasting relationships. 



Retail Marketing helps both Brick & mortar and online stores promote their goods via multi-channel solutions to give potential customers a reason to buy.



Technology Marketing helps companies enable new business by educating buyers, understanding the solutions and overcoming obstacles and concerns of using a new tech product or service.