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Financial Services Targets

Banks, Credit Unions, Brokerage Firms, Mortgage Companies, Investment Banks, Internet Banks, Asset Management, Insurance, Finance Companies, Loan Companies, Credit Cards, Trust Companies

Healthcare & Medical


Healthcare and Medical Targets

Medical Records Management, Physical/Occupational Therapy Centers,Healthcare App, Diabetic Care Centers, Medical Transcription Services, Home Healthcare, Foot Care, Drug Treatment, Billing Services, Alternative Healthcare, Medical Supply Sales, Hearing Aids, Medical Marijuana, Home Healthcare



Retail Targets

Department Stores, Discount Stores, Super Markets, Specialty Stores, E Retailers, Mom & Pop Shops, Stationery stores/services, Electronic Appliances, Apparels, Jewelry, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Footwear, Sportswear, Toys, Books, CD's, DVDs, Medicines



Technology Targets

Hardware, Software, managed IT Services, VARs, Consulting Services, Cloud Computing, Document Management, E-Business Apps, Technology Manufacturing, HR Solutions, IT Consulting, Office Equipment, Security Services, Training Services, Web App Development